Sales of watercolors

My name is Johnny Blohm and I live in Hannäs in Åtvidaberg in the south of Sweden. I paint and sell watercolors in my home, an old house called “The Shoemakers place”.

I am an illustrator by profession, but watercolor painting has taken more and more space in my life. I look for my designs all around, but often find many of the motifs in the neighbourhood. I collect photos and sketches from various objects.

I also paint on order. Give me an object, and I perpetuate it to you.

The frameworks are made by a local company, Åtvidabergs Bok & Press AB.

I have some watercolors for sale, look at the picture beside, and also  also some not yet framed avaliable. Are you interested in buying, please call me or send me an Email.


Johnny Blohm


  • Johnny Blohm
    Watercolour artist
    +46 768-44 11 66