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Welcome to Hannäs

Hannäs is situated in the municipality of Åtvidaberg in the county of Östergötland, but in the province of Småland. The place is centrally situated between Norrköping, Linköping and Västervik, and about 240 km from the capital Stockholm. Demogra-phically Hannäs is a small parish; only about 500 inhabitants.

The parish of Hannäs contributes an experience of great natural beauty of very hilly terrain with many lakes. One fifth of the area of 130 km2 consists of lakes and watercourses. As Hannäs to a great deal consist of lakes and streams, brooks and rivers the area is perfect for relaxation and experiences of the nature. From the lake Yxningen in the north to the lake Vindommen in the south there are plenty of lakes for sport fishing, swimming, canoeing or long distance skating. The forests offer a lot of berries and mushrooms. We have edible frogs too!

The nature in Hannäs has more marvels to offer for those who are interested. Here grows a juniper which is one of the largest in Sweden, a pine that grows on the top of large stone and creeping spruces that do not grow upwards, instead along the ground.

The footpath Östgötaleden

The footpath crosses through Hannäs.  The footpath is winding through a country intersected of hills and valleys, and offers a varied nature, from primeval forest to beautiful views from the hills.

Nature reserves

In Hannäs are several nature reserves and in these are also footpaths.  A reserve is primeval forest which hasn´t been touched for several hundred years, and others are kept open by grazing animals.

Midsummer’s eve

A typical Swedish midsummer’s eve takes place in the old farm of the Local history association. The Children dances around the maypole. Usually the old tractors and crude oil engines are getting started, and specially also the old lokomobil, which is a steam engine on wheels.

Parking areas have been prepared along the roads, for travelers with a motorhome or caravan, to be able to take a break or stay for the night.

The excursion boat

Do you want to know more about of the lake Vindommen and the surroundings, take a tour with the excursion boat M/S Amanda.

New made coffee

and homemade buns and cakes

Hannäs Möbel o Prylmarknad

Flea Market

Things that make you happy

Home Decors - Gifts - Textiles - Bags

Furniture’s - Jewelleries - Make-ups

Good food

in enjoyable surroundings

An ICA store

with a large assortment of foods.

In addition, pharmacies and almost everything from tools to needles.

Spirits, wine and beer are available.

QSTAR Automatic station


Open day and night.

M/S Amanda

+46-703-76 53 96